What’s Missing? Let me know!!

These are some shots from my project on ETV. I’ve got all inside shots. I would like to add some variety and show how ETV effects the community directly but there are no events really to cover outside or in other locations. I’m thinking of covering maybe a school that uses ETV educational television without taking pictures directly of the students (b/c legal issues). Anyway, let me know what you think…


Free assignment– Portrait

For this post I worked with my sister for the shoot. She is not a professional model but did an awesome job. The day was overcast which helped evenly distribute the lighting. We chose the location by simply driving by on accident. Sweet coincidence because it turned out great, very mythical. I probably should have used a fill flash but these turned out nice regardless. Cheers!

Benefit for Shawn Fehey

Saturday I attended a benefit for Shawn Fehey who is battling breast cancer. Located at the Loose Cockaboose by Williams Brice, the festival was about ten bands or musicians, great food, drinks, and support. I love to see people out supporting someone. I met Shawn briefly and she is a very friendly joyful soul and has some wonderful friends. I wish her all the best.

Rally!! Rally!! Yo pitcher’s name is sally…

Over the past couple weeks I shot a couple softball games. This is my first time shooting sports on assignment and it was pretty cool. Our class got the opportunity to work with Dr. Manny Gaetan, huge honor, very talented man. He was a huge help to our photography class. He showed us techniques on how to catch the face of any batter, regardless of what side you’re on (which later proved to be vital). He also talked to us about anticipation of where the action is happening and how key it is to getting the shots you want. As for me, I fumbled around a bit (yes I know how shocking that must be for you) but still managed to snag some really great shots. But I will admit some of the best of the day, absolute best, were slightly out of focus and it is driving me crazy. I have a couple where a girl is stealing second and gets caught and is being tagged with the umpire in the shot signaling “You’re out!” !!! … and it’s out of focus. Alas life is full of disappointments but none of these gorgeous pictures are. Boom! Here they are. Cheers!

I’ve stumbled upon Kenneth Parker — Awesome Photos

Hi there,
I love these photos. Kenneth Parker is a photographer who travels on backpacking and kayak trips to get to the most remote places to take these photos. 75 to 85 pounds of gear (large formate cameras), 5-10 days of traveling… to take only a few photos. He sits and analyzes light changes over the course of days. I’m impressed. I wish I could have that kind of patience. Check out his work at www.kennethparker.com

The (hopefully) Final Chapter of Winter in Columbia

What’s… going… on? The weather is starting to warm up around here in Columbia, but I have one more batch of icy photos before that happens. These were taken around Columbia, at Williams Brice, on top of an unmentioned apartment building that I may or may not have actually supposed to have been on the roof of… They come in a variety of ways but generally I just wanted to capture what was going on this particular day. I used my Nikon p-90, not the most awesome camera but still does a pretty good job. I also took some liberty to mess with the colors on a couple, have some fun with it. But what you see other than that, is what I saw. Cheers!

A photographer I’ve stumbled upon — Cole Rise

What’s happening…? I’ve stumbled upon Cole Rise and you should give it a glance.

I really enjoy this work. For some reason these photos really speak to me and I find myself sort of in awe, staring at them.
Here’s his webpage — check it out.
Cole Rise’s Webpage

Winter in Columbia Part two

Here it is — part two!!! I really wanted to capture the snow while it was here in Columbia. This series of photos were taken on Old bluff road and by Williams Brice Stadium in Columbia. No tripod, sort of off the cuff photos just capturing things around town.
I mainly used shutter priority settings with the shutter speed at least 1/100 sec. I did do some changes using photoshop on a couple of these to alter the colors but I enjoy the look, think it’s pretty cool. Cheers!

Winter in Columbia: Part 1

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Hey everybody,
Class is back in session but not before the weather had something to say about it. Having this much snow and be this cold is pretty rare. So I decided to head out in to the elements and have a look around. I spent most of my time that afternoon last week at Congaree Swamp National Monument. The place is very cool, great for short hikes just to get out of the house and get into the woods. It has boardwalks that crawl just over the water and it feels like a very alien place at certain points.
The second location is right in front of Williams Brice Stadium. I thought I would probably never see this much snow on the stadium again, so I took advantage. Stay tuned there are two more parts to winter in Columbia. Cheers!!

Spring Semester is encroaching on my down time.

Hi folks,
Haven’t got any pictures for you today but…. they are coming soon. I’ve taken some down time for about a month and will be right back to work in a few days. Look forward to some sweet pictures, slightly weird commentary, and the chance to read why I screwed up some pictures, so you don’t have to. Cheers!!

Down Time

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